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Telephone Script Writing - Plan Your Calls With Precision for Maximum Results

On the phone we have less than 30 seconds to make an impact and gain the prospect's interest to continue the conversation, and in some markets that window of opportunity is considerably smaller.  That's why we aim to make your script both compelling and concise with a view to establishing relevance very quickly and inviting participation from your prospect.  Once they're involved, you have more time to communicate the benefits of your product or service and engage in meaningful dialogue.

Your campaign results can be dramatically transformed by using a carefully constructed script, or call guide as we like to call it.  Script writing is a crucial part of the planning and preparation phase for any telemarketing campaign or programme.

If you want to have maximum impact when you get to speak to your target decision makers you need to plan what you want to communicate and avoid time-wasting fluff.  At Tangible Marketing Solutions, we use the key principles of the communication cycle to ensure that the conversation we have on your behalf is balanced, professional and human, communicates key benefits to your target market and achieves the objectives of the call

It is vitally important to put yourself in your prospects' shoes and anticipate the questions and objections that they may raise.  Then we work out how to answer these to achieve credibility, gain trust and obtain the desired result from the conversation.

But our work doesn't stop there...

We test the script out loud to make sure it sounds like a normal conversation and doesn't contain jargon, hard-to-pronounce words or even sentences that are too long.  Once you're happy that the script sounds like natural speech, extensive role-play forms a crucial part of the preparation. 

By the time your team starts making live calls to real people, they need to sound like they live and breathe your company values and propositon and deliver them with conviction and passion.  The original script should really only be the guideline for the conversation, or route map if you will, to keep the conversation on track to the end goal.  It is a mechanism to introduce clarity and purpose into the calls, but if your prospect suspects that you are reading from a script then the conversation will be dead in the water.

At Tangible Marketing Solutions we offer a full script writing service.  Whether you want to plan for sales calls, lead generation calls, market research calls, credit control calls, appointment setting calls, customer satisfaction calls, complaints, angry customers or enquiries, we can help you.  We even back up this service and follow through by providing you with additions for new objections and questions that come up once your team has gone live, and we will happily role-play with your team to ensure they make their initial mistakes in a safe environment and are ready to communicate with maximum impact once they make live calls.

For more information on our script writing service, please call Jo Rhodes-Lewis NOW on 01780 322223 or by email: click-to-reveal@tangiblemarketingsolutions.co.uk

Alternatively, if you already have scripts that you believe could be enhanced and deliver better results, click here for a free Script Review.

If you are looking for experienced advisors in other areas please look through the following sections of this website.

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