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Email Marketing - How Incorporating Online Communication Enhances Your Marketing Results

Your existing customers most likely had more than one contact with you before they bought from you in the first place.  In fact it is a well-acknowledged truth that the majority of decision makers say "NO" several times before they become your customer.

Therefore it is in your interests to find ways to "touch" the prospect several times in the course of winning their business, if you are going to beat the competition.

Although it is well known by marketers that 60% of customers will say "NO" at least five times before they say "YES", it still seems to be widely unknown amongst many clients that just by continuing to communicate beyond the fifth contact they will be amongst just 8% of those selling to that same 60%*.

That is why we at Tangible Marketing Solutions have developed an integrated approach to marketing that not only uses our original core expertise of exceptional telephone communication, but also encompasses email marketing and compelling copywriting to help you to develop a relationship with your prospects in ways more fitting to the modern way of doing business.

It's no longer just a numbers game....

Gone are the days when it was sufficient to just hammer through the numbers until you found someone who's receptive to your message and in the market now.  Increased legislation, limiting the amount of data available, coupled with an abundance of information reducing your prospects' attention span means that we have to get more clever about it.  Modern communication is all about building rapport and nurturing relationships over a longer period of time to build familiarity and comfort with your brand and proposition

Email marketing and carefully worded copy helps to you to build on your relationships and keep you foremost in your prospects' and customers' minds so that when they are ready to buy, you are the natural first choice.

Contact us NOW on on 01780 322223 or by email: click-to-reveal@tangiblemarketingsolutions.co.uk to find out how our integrated approach can help you win more business and retain customer loyalty.

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* Figures supplied by Results Corporation (Europe) plc

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