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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Can Really Grow YOUR Business and Significantly Boost Your Profits If Handled Correctly!

Learn how to give exceptional customer service from start to finish of the consumer lifecycle - increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, lifecycle duration, expenditure and referrals.

Many companies look for more new customers and clients even though the more profitable, sure-fire, easy and less expensive option is to target your current customer base with customer relationship management (CRM).

The simple facts are, you know your current customer base is interested in your products and service, and you have already opened a relationship with them so in their minds you have "the right" to communicate with them.

In other words they are already primed to buy - they are "easy wins".

But if your customers are already buying from you, why bother with customer relationship management (CRM)?

Many businesses share this idea and continue to ignore building customer relations, but your current customers can always generate you more business.
. Your current customers can buy from you more often
. You have cross-selling, up-selling and add-on opportunities
. Customer satisfaction leads to fantastic referrals!

But they aren't the only reasons.

The single biggest factor for losing customers isn't price, product dissatisfaction or your competitors . it is actually perceived indifference.

Your customers are most likely to defect to your competitors if they do not believe you think of them as important and valuable to your business.

So if you do not have a CRM process in place, then you'll always be struggling to capture new clients while you lose profit from your current customers going elsewhere.

What you can do.

Among other strategies, you can choose to use Tangible Marketing Solutions to represent you, and grow the relationship between you and your customers.

When you choose Tangible Marketing Solutions you have a team of the best telephone relationship marketers represent your organisation and build the relationships with your customers.

These relationship marketers have been selected from a large pool of candidates based on their experience, their flexibility and adaptability with handling different clients and customers, and their track record of maintaining excellent relationships and getting results.

Our method of proactive customer service can dramatically increase customer satisfaction, increase referrals, customer profitability . and more importantly, increase your profits!

Call us now on 01780 322223 or email us at click-to-reveal@tangiblemarketingsolutions.co.uk to see how we can help you build your business.

Money-Back Guarantee! We're so confident you'll love our CRM process, we make this promise to you - if you are not 100% delighted with our service in the trial period, we'll give you back all your of money.

If you are looking for experienced telemarketers in other areas please look through the following sections of this website.

Tangible Marketing Solutions, 38 West Street, Kings Cliffe, Peterborough, PE8 6XA
Telephone: 01780 322223   Email: click-to-reveal@tangiblemarketingsolutions.co.uk