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About Tangible Marketing Solutions...

When you are conducting telemarketing or market research activities, you need the absolute best professionals to achieve a high-standard of results and give the right impression of your company - after all, you are entrusting your company's image and reputation in your outsourced team.

You'll notice as soon as you start to interact with us that there is definitely something different about Tangible Marketing Solutions.

Established by Jo Rhodes-Lewis, an acknowledged leader in the field of business to business communication, we set an objective to give you the highest results whilst presenting a professional, friendly and approachable image for your company - and it is our dedication to this high standard that has made us one of the leading and most trusted companies in the industry.

Our focus is on the success of your business and to this end we are rare among our peers in that we embrace the full marketing mix and will work with you to ensure the right balance between the different marketing disciplines is deployed to give you the best possible chance of success.

Your business will benefit from initiatives we have put in place, from our commitment to Investors in People, (to ensure that we retain the very best staff) through to our attitude to continuous and relentless improvement, adopting best practice, continually split-testing and adapting our approach and activities to ensure that you get the most out of your budget.

Our success has meant we are always inundated with applications, and this has allowed us to literally pick and choose from the very best, qualified and motivated salespeople and market researchers to add to our team.

There is nothing more rewarding for our team to know that when we take on your project you will be working with the best, and we can really add something to your business.

You can also rest assured that integrity and respect is paramount in everything that we do.  You will experience our commitment to providing the best in service and resources, not just by the way we work with you but also the added value we bring through our association with and membership of respected organisations such as the IOD, IIB, MRS, FSB and FPB.

If you would like to know how we can add something to your business, please contact Jo Rhodes-Lewis on 01780 322223 or by email at click-to-reveal@tangiblemarketingsolutions.co.uk.

If you are looking for experienced telemarketers in other areas please look through the following sections of this website.

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Tangible Marketing Solutions, 38 West Street, Kings Cliffe, Peterborough, PE8 6XA
Telephone: 01780 322223   Email: click-to-reveal@tangiblemarketingsolutions.co.uk